Crane Tree Removal & Trimming Service

Tree Crane Work Service

Why use a Crane with Tree Care?

In situations were the tree is inaccessible, can not be lowered to the ground because of objects below (such as a house), or is simple to dangerous to climb a crane will be used to remove the tree. A crane is used in tree work to raise limbs safely up and away from the tree in a controlled method. The limbs can then be placed away from objects in manageable work zones.

When a tree is in a challenging position to access and the working area size permits it, a crane is usually the safest and most effective way of removing the tree or unwanted limbs. This is done by a climber entering the tree and finding a safe and strong tie off point, where the climber will then use a cable to connect the desired limb to the crane ball. At this point the climber will climb down the tree typically to the crotch of the limb where they can make a safe cut releasing the limb from the tree while the crane operator has full control over the limb. Instead of the limb simply falling to the ground and causing damage, the crane operator will instead raise the limb up and away from the tree in a fully controlled manor. This also allows the opportunity to place the limb on the ground in areas where the ground guys can better manage, break down, and chip large pieces. The ability to relocate the ground work zone is also useful in situations where it is too difficult to physically drag branches from the tree to the chipper like on the side of a large hill or cliff.

A crane is heavy equipment and our operators are fully licensed and insured. Our operators have many many years of experience using and operating cranes in a tree work environment. American Tree Service will do what is needed to protect your property while successfully completing the job. If a crane is required to go on a lawn to access the tree we will lay down sheets of plywood to minimize any damage to your lawn. A crane must however have a reasonably flat surface to work on and can not be used to remove trees near power lines.